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PEGO is recognized as the exclusive bargaining unit consisting of all Professional Engineers, Engineers in Training and Ontario Land Surveyors, who work for the Province of Ontario.

PEGO Election Outreach

PEGO’s non-partisan political outreach has reached over 30 candidates across the province, including all three major parties in Toronto – St. Paul’s. PEGO thanks Jess Spindler, Jill Andrew, and Andrew Kirsch for taking the time to talk with us–it is much appreciated!

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Jess Spindler (centre), Liberal Candidate for Toronto-St. Paul’s, met with PEGO President Ben Hendry (left) and PEGO Treasurer Lija Whittaker (right) at a coffee shop on May 26.

PEGO Position Paper on Public Safety / 2018 Ontario General Election

PEGO is reaching out to the Ontario political parties in preparation of the upcoming provincial election and have drafted questions for each political party to consider. These questions will allow PEGO to gain their perspective on the value that the government’s in-house engineers deliver to taxpayers. In addition, we have drafted a position paper on public safety. Please take a moment to review PEGO’s survey questions and public safety position paper below:

PEGO Position Paper on Public Safety

PEGO Election Survey Questions

As the June 7th election day nears, PEGO Members are encouraged to support their local candidates. Find your riding here and learn more about the political parties and their platforms below:

Ontario Liberal Party

Ontario NDP

Ontario PC Party